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Below is a list of our current members, along with location, contact info, and a details of their DeLorean. Since we very rarely have the chance to get all members together at one event, and some have not met every member of the club, we felt this list would help members in one area contact others close to them in the event help is needed, or just to chat. Remember, the club is constantly growing, so don't forget to check back for updated information. If you would like contact information of a member located near you, please email the club at Please note for new member submissions - this list is only updated twice a year.

Club Administrators:
NameCar InfoCity/State
Brandon SOrlando, FL
Derek GVIN# 10084: 1982/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat Hood/Custom StereoOrlando, FL
GuyVIN# 16336: 1983/Manual/Black InteriorFL
Ozzie HVIN# 2109: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Gas Flap Hood/Custom StereoFort Lauderdale, FL
Club Coordinators:
NameCar InfoCity/State
Ed FVIN# 6813: 1981/Automatic/Gray Interior/Grooved HoodJacksonville, FL
Robert GVIN# 1469: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Gas Flap Hood/Custom StereoSarasota, FL
NameCar InfoCity/State
Adam SVIN# 3416: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Grooved Hood/Custom Exhaust & 3.0L EngineVero Beach, FL
Aldo BVIN# 1440: 1981Fort Lauderdale, FL
Barry SVIN# 5183: 1981/Flat Hood/Gray InteriorWeston, FL
Bruce BVIN# 3596: 1981/Black Interior/Flat HoodBoca Raton, FL
Carl DVIN# 4205: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Grooved HoodFlagler Beach, FL
Carlos LVIN# 16656: 1983/Black Interior/5 Speed/Flat HoodMiami Lakes, FL
Cecil LVIN# 10663: 1982/Gray Interior/Flat Hood/Twin TurboJacksonville, FL
Clarito MVIN# XXXX: 1981Orlando, FL
Craig SVIN# 1892: 1981/Automatic/Grey Interior/Gas Flap Hood/Chrome Rims & ExhaustRoyal Palm Beach, FL
Dan HVIN# 1662: 1981/Auto/Black Interior/Gas Flap Hood/LoweredLauderhill, FL
Dave SVIN# 944: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Gas Flap HoodManchester, England
David HVIN# XXXX: 1981Fort Lauderdale, FL
Demetrios KVIN# 7072: 1981Clearwater, FL
Dennis DVIN# XXXX: 1981/Black Interior/5 Speed/Flat HoodHickory, NC
VIN# XXXX: 1981/Automatic/Black Interior/Gas Flap
Denny SVIN# 4429: 1981/Automatic/Grooved Hood/Grey Interior/Red PaintedNorth Palm Beach, FL
Dick LVIN# 1653: 1981/Automatic/Black Interior/Gas Flap HoodThe Villages, FL
DougVIN# 5549: 1981Tampa, FL
Ed GVIN# XXXX: 1982/Turbo Eagle PremierMelbourne, FL
Edward BVIN# 5081: 1981/Manual/Gray InteriorOrange Park, FL
Edward CVIN# 6944: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat HoodLongwood, FL
Elliot HVIN# 6145: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Custom StereoOrlando, FL
Frank NVIN# 16311: 1983/Twin TurboCoral Gables, FL
Freddy MVIN# 10368: 1982/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat Hood/Turbo EngineLauderhill, FL
Gary RVIN# 2613: 1981/Automatic/Black Interior/Gas FlapFlorida
Gustavo AVIN# 7067: 1981/Automatic/Gray Interior/Grooved Hood/RestorationDavie, FL
Jack AVIN# 1623 1981/Automatic/Black Interior/Gas Flap HoodWeeki Wachee, FL
Jack SVIN# 3461: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Grooved Hood/Custom StereoTampa, FL
James WVIN# 891: 1981Winter Haven, FL
Jamie HVIN# 5677: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Grooved Hood/Machined RimsCrestview, FL
Jeff SVIN# XXXX: 1981Orlando, FL
Jim DVIN# XXXX: 1981/Gray Interior/Flat Hood/Original OwnerBoca Raton, FL
Jim PVIN# 1746: 1981Tampa, FL
Jim SVIN# 2514: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Grooved Hood/Daily DriverOrlando, FL
Joe BVIN# 10148: 1982/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat HoodMiami, FL
John CVIN# 3004: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Gas Flap HoodSanford, FL
John EVIN# 4748: 1981Pensacola, FL
John PVIN# 16976: 1983/Grey Interior/Blue Lights/Powdercoated RimsSunrise, FL
John RVIN# XXXX: 1981/Owner Since 1985Orlando, FL
Jon CVIN# 16995: 1983/Manual/Dual Tone Interior/Grooved Hood/White PaintTampa, FL
Jordan RVIN# 11613: 1982/Automatic/Flat Hood/Black InteriorLake County, FL
Ken BVIN# 11055: 1982/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat HoodBoca Raton, FL
Louis PVIN# 6720: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Grooved HoodTampa, FL
Mort LVIN# 5484: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat HoodPalm City, FL
Pasquale LVIN# XXXX: 1981/Automatic/Gray InteriorBoca Raton, FL
Pedro TVIN# 16579: 1983Miami, FL
Randy SVIN# 5945: 1981/Manual/Gray Interior/Custom Painted EngineMelbourne, FL
Richard MVIN# 10158: 1982/Non-Operational 10 YearsTitusville, FL
Rick BVIN# 3268: 1981/Automatic/Gray Interior/Grooved Hood/Custom Rims/Stereo/LoweredClermont, FL
Samuel SVIN# XXXX: 1981Tampa, FL
Scott KVIN# 4117: 1981/Automatic/Black Interior/Grooved HoodJacksonville, FL
Scott RVIN# 10556: 1982/Manual/Gray Interior/Flat HoodMount Dora, FL
Steve HVIN# 10774: 1982Clermont, FL
Steven AVIN# 2700: 1981/Black Interior/Grooved HoodHollywood, FL
Ted GVIN# 0763: 1981/Auto/Black InteriorJacksonville, FL
Virginia SVIN# 16879: 1983/Manual/Black Interior/Flat Hood/Two Tone SeatsTampa, FL
William FVIN# 1366: 1981/Manual/Black Interior/Gas Flap Hood/RestorationMarco Island, FL
Alex AFlorida
Alex OMiami, FL
Anderson TMiami, FL
Ang PFlorida
Ben BFlorida
Brian HFort Lauderdale, FL
Carol MFlorida
Chase CHollywood, FL
Chris BFernandina Beach, FL
Dan MFlorida
Elliot HOrlando, FL
Jen GOrlando, FL
Jim SFlorida
Joe CSanford, FL
Joe GDavenport, FL
John PPlantation, FL
Jonathan WSanta Rosa Beach, FL
Josh SOcala, FL
Keith MTallahassee, FL
Mark SFlorida
Michael TPlantation, FL
Michael WBrandon, FL
Mike HKennesaw, GA
Mike LFlorida
Richard HPinellas Park, FL
Stanley SMiami, FL
Steve LOrlando, FL