Rentals & Appearances

Interested in renting a DeLorean or having one make an appearance at your corporate or private event?

If you are located in Florida, contact us with your request at Please also see below.

We have received several requests lately by corporations and private individuals to have a DeLorean either appear at an event or party, or for a special event rental (such as a wedding). It is easiest to contact the club at the above email address and we can coordinate with owners who are interested in renting in your area. We have owners throughout the state and the club consists of over 50+ members, but please be aware we may not always have someone in your immediate vicinity.

Please remember that our club consists of private owners, so unless there is an event for a good cause, many will not be willing to participate for free. At the very minimum, the club requires that anyone interested in renting a car from one of our owners for a private party or corporate event must provide their own insurance policy on the vehicle. Many of our owners carry collectors insurance which does not cover the car for commercial use. However, you may contact Hagerty or similar collectors car insurance companies and request a one off policy for a day or multi day activity. These policies are generally very inexpensive and are based on if the car will be a display piece, interacted with, or driven.

In addition to an insurance policy to cover the car, the general rate for a rental can vary and is worked out between the owner of the car and the party requesting the rental once the club sets up contact. However, to give an estimated amount, rentals may run from $300 (2-4 hours) to $600 (full day) or more based how and where the car will be displayed, and if there will be interaction (sitting, pictures, etc). Actual parties wishing to rent a car and drive it can work out rental rates with owners directly.